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The new technology for you to stream, record, and control your radio scanner anywhere. A reimagined scanning experience.

Because you don’t want to miss anything important, iCopyRadio makes it easy to listen to and control your scanner from almost any computer, tablet, or phone. With iCopyRadio, you can listen live or later, and you can quickly access recordings. Breakthrough technology combines the highest quality audio with low data usage. Get the most value out of your scanner and discover scanning like never before with iCopyRadio.

Remote Control Anywhere in Real-Time

iCopyRadio’s real-time data and audio remote control for multiple scanner brands is accessible from most platforms and devices. And there’s point and click menu navigation for Uniden BCDx36HP scanners. There’s no complicated setup or configuration: Just download-install the included iCopyRadio Desktop application and plug in your scanner.

Record and Log Radio Traffic

iCopyRadio’s Player is the most efficient way to stream scanner audio. You can easily search, organize, and filter radio traffic. And you can even upload audio files previously recorded to your scanner. Your listening experience is important, so iCopyRadio includes features like enhanced playback controls and audio waveforms. Never miss another radio call.

Unlock Advanced Scanner Data

Explore scanning like never before. iCopyRadio’s tools provide you with advanced scanner information not available from the scanner device display. The Explorer tool for modern Whistler scanners allows you to visualize the internal processes of your scanner.

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