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Whistler TRX-1 Handheld Digital Radio Scanner Featuring NXDN, DMR, and P25 Phase 2 Technology (no upgrade required), Includes Bumper Case

Whistler TRX-1

$49999  List: $649.95   Save $149.96 (23% off)
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  • iCopyRadio's pick for overall best scanner
  • Receive NXND, DMR, and P25 radio systems right out of the box—no upgrades required
  • Durable rubber bumper case and belt clip included
  • Works great with iCopyRadio streaming and remote control
  • Quickly access preprogrammed NOAA Weather Radio stations with dedicated weather button


Type II
P25 Phase 1
P25 Phase 2
Whistler TRX-1 Front View with Case

Whistler TRX-1 Product Description

In the hectic world we live in today, it’s never been more important to be aware of the happenings in your community. With the Whistler TRX-1, you will catch all of the action and stay informed about what is important to you. The TRX-1 is the most affordable option to receive the latest digital radio system technologies.

The TRX-1 features a full numeric keypad and a straight-forward user interface. You can program the TRX-1 from the scanner or on a Windows computer using the included programming software. Customizable display options allow you to see the call information that is most important. And the adjustable backlight makes it easy to read the display, day or night.

Whistler radios are well-known to have sensitive receivers—which means you will hear radio traffic near and far—and the TRX-1 is no exception. Hear loud and clear digital calls, even from miles away.

iCopyRadio is here to help you get the most out of your scanner. The scanner ships overnight for free (you probably won’t find that anywhere else), and while your scanner is in the air, iCopyRadio will consult with you and design a scanner program tailored exactly to your location and goals.

iCopyRadio Recommendations (e.g. who should buy):

The Whistler TRX-1 is iCopyRadio’s pick for overall best scanner and is recommended for most customers. Because of the included digital modes (NXDN, DMR, P25) and the affordable retail price at iCopyRadio, the Whistler TRX-1 is easily the best value for a modern digital radio scanner. The TRX-1 receives the systems that most customers want to hear, and its user interface is manageable even for those new to scanning.

If you will require reception of ProVoice (EDACS digital), you will need to purchase a scanner that supports ProVoice, such as the Uniden SDS100 or Uniden BCD436HP. If you live near a P25 simulcast system or currently experience simulcast distortion, we recommend the Uniden SDS100.

Whistler TRX-1 Product Details

Brand: Whistler
Model: TRX-1
iCR Pick: iCopyRadio's pick for overall best scanner
Form Factor: Handheld
Analog Systems: AM, FM, NFM, LTR, Motorola Type II, EDACS
Digital Systems: NXDN, DMR, P25 (Phase 1 & Phase 2), X2-TDMA
Frequency Range:
VHF Low: 25–54 MHz
VHF High: 108–174 MHz
UHF: 216–512 MHz
700: 764–782 MHz, 791–797 MHz
800: 806–824 MHZ, 849–869 MHz
900: 894–960 MHz
23 cm: 1240–1300 MHz
Scan Speed: Up to 70 objects per second
Sensitivity: 0.2µV–0.5µV
Receiving System: Triple conversion PLL super heterodyne
Antenna Connector: BNC Female (i.e. accepts BNC Male antennas)
Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms
Included Antenna: Dual band rubber duck
Power: Mini USB (requires computer USB port, car dapter, or AC adatper, etc.) or batteries
Batteries: Accepts 4 AA size batteries, either alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable (batteries not included)
Display: Full dot matrix bitmap LCD with LED backlight (132x65 dots)
Audio: Internal 36 mm 8 Ohms dynamic speaker; 3.5mm stereo audio out
Data Connection: Mini USB port
Memory: MicroSD Card (4GB Class 4 SanDisk included)
iCopyRadio Compatibility: Audio and data streaming, including remote control
Programming Methods: Scanner keypad, computer, clone memory card
Programming Software: EZ Scan (included, requires Windows OS)
Frequency Library: Preloaded with crowd-sourced frequency library
Weather Features: NOAA Weather Radio, SKYWARN scanlist (user must program)
Recording: Per-call and search recording
Call Alert: Customizable audio alert and multicolor LED
Dimensions (width X height X depth): 2.6″ X 5.75″ X 1.2″ (without antenna, without case)
Weight: 7.5 oz.
Color: Black
Condition: New
Warranty: One year (manufacturer)
Box contents: Scanner, Antenna, MicroSD Card, Swivel Belt Clip, USB Cable, Protective Case, 2 Case Inserts, User Guide, Quick Start Guide
Launched: June 2016
UPC: 052303408229

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