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Scanner Programing and Optimization

iCopyRadio provides the most customized programming available. Get the most out of your scanner with an optimized scanner program.  Sign up today!

A properly programmed scanner is the most important consideration for a good scanning experience.  An optimized scanner provides the best opportunity for achieving your scanning goal of reliably receiving what you want to hear with good voice copy quality.

iCopyRadio subscriptions include custom scanner programming and optimization for supported scanners.  Sign up now to get your custom scanner programming and optimization.

With our unique remote control technology and advanced scanner tools, iCopyRadio is able to provide the most customized programming available.  Unlike others, we test your scanner configuration live from your scanning location, optimizing the program to achieve your goals and keep your scanner “talking.”  We often save scanners from being returned to the seller.

iCopyRadio custom programming and optimization can help you:

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Unfortunately, many scanners are not programmed optimally.  This causes poor user experience.  In fact, it’s often so bad that scanner owners think their scanner is defective.  Postal code based “programming” is rarely optimal and oftentimes completely ineffective.  Many “programming” services and add-ons are little more than typing in your zip code—hardly something you need to pay for.  Be skeptical of any “programming” service that does not first include a detailed conversation with you about your scanning goals.

iCopyRadio uses a personalized approach to configure your scanner based on what you want to receive and your unique environment.  We study your location and utilize multiple information sources to provide the most comprehensive and effective scanner configuration possible.

When you request custom programing from iCopyRadio, you can expect:

Get the most out of your radio scanner: Sign Up Today for iCopyRadio custom scanner programming and optimization.

iCopyRadio programming and optimization includes two distinct locations (e.g. home and work).  However, iCopyRadio is not responsible for limitations that are outside of our control, such as location, equipment, and radio system type (e.g. encryption, simulcast, unsupported digital systems).

Currently supported scanners include:

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